Get mobile rotation to look arround

Hi, I would like to know if there is any way to obtain the rotation of the mobile in the same way as the virtual reality google plugin does.

What I intend is to be able to look around with the mobile but without the stereoscopic vision, I would also like to have those values ​​of rotation.

I read many posts about it all a little old, I’ve been fiddling with the node Get Input Motion State. I do not understand what exactly does Tilt has been worth much Gravity value and I understand what it does but is not enough to look around.

I have come to use Gravity to look up down and to tilt the “head” but this vector is not enough to be able to rotate the camera on the z axis.

Obtaining Rotation Rate as an axis value I have been able to rotate the camera adding this value to the value of its z axis but still behaving very different from the fluid that goes with the google plugin. The problem is that I point to one site and then to another, and when I return to point to the first one, it does not point to that same site anymore. This is something that does not happen with the VR Plugin.

Is there any way to get what I want? Either using another plugin or maybe some node that I forget … or maybe some way to put these values ​​back I do not understand how it can be so easy using that plugin and so difficult to get where the mobile aims without stereoscopic vision

Sorry if my English has a fault.

I just changed the section of the question because it was in VR but I think it does not fit exactly there