Get Local Bounds not working as expected

Hey all,

(This is all in the context of working with the vive but that is not too relevant)

I’m in the process of making a minimap that the player can point at and click to teleport to a location in the level.

The way i’m attempting to do this is by spawning a square on the back of the controller that the user can point at, pull the trigger and then teleport to the corresponding location. I get the trace location, compare that to the local bounds of the square to find the vector from one corner (the max bound) to the trace location to get a location vector. I then compare the max bounds of the square to the floor of the level (also a big square) to find a “scaling factor”. Finally I take the location vector off of the floor max bounds to find the location in the level to teleport to.

I believe this should work, however, the local bounds of the floor mesh and the minimap mesh are not returned properly. Both meshes are a component of a blueprint actor and are based on a simple cube. The max local bounds are returned as 50,50,50 for the minimap and 0,0,0 for the floor despite the scale used. What am I missing here? Is there a different node I should use?

Thanks in advance.