get loca X axis in material editor

So far I have been able to get the local Z axis in a material using the ObjectOrientation node. Now I am interested in getting the X axis also as a seperate mask.
How can I do that? I tried rotation nodes, but they didnt work
regards! T

if you transform a vector from local to world it will give it to you. 0,0,1 local-world should return the up vector. 1,0,0 should return either side or fwd vector, and then 0,1,0 is the other.

Hi Ryan!
Thnx for getting back! Not sure if I put the transform node correct. Could you take a look at the image and perhaps tell me where to put some additional nodes in order to get the missing X red component? (you can see at the selected cube, the X axis pointing. )

You don’t need to perform a dot product with object orientation. And also your transform is set to tangent->world. I suggested local->world.

hm, so far I just solid colors. I put the objectOrient node to the transform (local -> world) = solid colorful colors. The same happens when I put a constant vector like 0,0,1 to the same transform node.

I am hunting for this, in this example I marked the X red component to illustrate. :
best regards! T

Yes it would be a solid color since it is just a vector you are getting.

You asked how to get other directional vectors other than the object orientaiton. That is all I told you how to do.

if you just want a local gradient look at the “Local Bounding Box 0-1 UVW” material function and just extract the red channel.

yesss. Yup, that is working! Thnx again and sorry for not being more clear in the first place.