Get Live Link animation to apply to face/head only, not full body?

I’m working with my first Live Link recordings, and they seem to create keyframes on the entire body, not just the face and head rotation, which means that as soon as those tracks are active the character jumps up six inches and his arms are out, as the pose 0 A-pose is now fighting with the other animation. How can I limit the live link face recording to just the, um, face?

If you’ve added the metahuman to TakeRecorder then click on the gears button upper right on Take Recorder. Scroll down to the bottom of the details of Take Recorder and turn off everything on metahuman and just enable face animation.

Alas, this isn’t a metahuman, but something created in Character Creator 3. I couldn’t find any face-specific settings to turn on or off (or even morph target-specific or animation-curve-specific, as I imagine those would be what I’m looking for, too). Where should I look for non-Metahumans?