Get hand Position is not returning correctly

I’m currently trying to get to grips with vive and steam vr, head set is integrated fine but the hand position is way off, I am trying to set a simple sphere mesh’s transform to that of my left controller, however the orientation has it somewhere miles off with very strange rotation when I move the controller.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I’ve been using the MotionController component. Seems to give the right result

We managed to fix it. Seems the first person template was causing some issues. Re-importing and shifting everything into a blank template fixed it all no problem. Except the positional tracking for one hand seems to be reversed (Something we’ll be looking into!)

I’ve only had problems using the template - It was a year out of date when I last checked.

Was far simpler to set one up from scratch.

The best way I found to to check how accurate the positional tracking was, was to parent a static mesh of the controller model that Valve provides to each MotionController component. That model is set up to have the root in the right spot if it’s at zero local transform under the MC component.

I know this is pretty old but I had the same issue as well. The solution I discovered was to add the vectors of “Hand position and orientation” to the location of your VROrigin.