"Get Hand Position and Orientation" seems laggy and weirdly offset since the 4.12 update

Anyone else notice this?

The motion controller component has this thing called late update which will basically re-poll the position of the controllers just before the render thread kicks in so it renders the most up to date position, as the get hand orientation and position is run on the game thread I don’t believe that it has the late update.

What you can do to test this is to disable late update on your motion controller components and see if it now matches up, if so its the late update your seeing.

As I would definitely recommend you use the late update yu should try and parent anything you want to be connected to the controllers to the actual component

This is from the 4.10 release notes : We’ve updated Motion Controller Components to now do a late-update right before we begin rendering.

The issue I’m seeing is a change between 4.11 and 4.12