Get edges of navmesh tiles with tile index/poly ref?

Hello, I’ve been trying to figure out a good way of doing this. Basically, I would like to get all unconnected edges of each navmesh tile, almost identical to what ARecastNavMesh::GetDebugGeometry() does when FRecastDebugGeometry::bGatherNavMeshEdges is set to true. The problem with GetDebugGeometry() is that it doesn’t provide me either the tile index or nav poly ref that the edges belong to, it’s just a massive array of vectors due to it only being used to draw the edges. The solution has to work within a plugin setting, so I can’t go into engine code and set up my own functions in FPImplRecastNavMesh (I can extend ARecastNavMesh if necessary).

@Mieszko any idea how I’d approach this?