"Get display name" not same after packing

In my blueprint project when I’m tring to loop through everything in my class “Movie Cam” and get the display name of all the items I do get the display name in Unreal Editor but after packing my project I’m getting the Object Name.
I made a print in my loop to print both “Get Display Name” and “Get Object Name” and this is the result:

In editor:


Packed project:


As you can see, in the pakced version both Display and Object showes the same. I need it to be as it shows in the editor. Why is this happening?


Ah, you’re right, thank you!

Hello Dane123,

If you hover over the Get display name you will see the tool tip that was posted below. This is working as intended, Get display name is not intended to be used in a packaged game. I hope that this information helps.

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This is all fine, but is there any way to get the display name, when the game is packaged?
When I tried using the get object name it yielded the same result as the get display name. So this means that these two nodes have the same functionality when the game is packaged.

Is there any other way to get the name of the object? It’s a very simple command that should be available in the engine.

This is working as intended. Give your objects proper identifiers, variables, indexes or tags.

Hey guys, did you find a workaround for this?
Please post it here.
Thank you!

Is this the same for ‘Get Display Name’ (Class)? There is no tooltip warning on this.
Also what about ‘Get Object Name’?

this is annoying as hell
what is the workaround for this ? tags ?

identifiers ?

Tags, Gameplay Tags, Enumerators, int IDs, Names, use a map.

why a map ?

Map is a container. So you can associate the IDs with objects - it’s blazing fast. #nomoreloops :wink:

class display name is always = label_C so you can use it like this