Get different cooked content using UEEditor and UEEditor-Cmd.exe

hi there, I’ve found an issue when cooking my game content. When using UE4Editor to build a full package, size of files in Saved/Cooked is less than using UE4Editor.exe or UE4Editor-cmd.exe with -run=cook in command line. All arguments are very same, actually I grab cook command from log output of UE4Editor, then type these in command line.

I have diffed a file which shows that size of cooked content generated from command line is a little large than the one generated within Editor, there are some extra bytes in front of the former one, like this:

file generated by command line is on the left, and Editor one is on the right. So where are these diff bytes coming from?

You might building devlopment build with UE4Editor-cmd.exe or different configuration

both operation are performed with developement configuration.