Get current view's Post Processes Settings


I am using Camera Modifiers to apply certain effects when using a consumable. When I want the effect to change the camera itself, I override the BlueprintModifyCamera and have no problem stacking the effects. The function has input parameters of the current rotation, location and FOV which I can use to stack them.
However, for BlueprintModifyPostProcess there are no input parameters of the current PostProcessSettings.

Is there a way for me to get the current view’s PostProcessSettings? Doesn’t need to be a blueprint solution, I also use modifiers in C++.

I found the solution, you can use this code. No way in blueprints for now though.

	UWorld* world = this->GetWorld();
	if ( world )
		ULocalPlayer* localPlayer = world->GetFirstLocalPlayerFromController();

		FSceneViewFamilyContext viewFamily( FSceneViewFamily::ConstructionValues(
			localPlayer->ViewportClient->EngineShowFlags )
			.SetRealtimeUpdate( true ) );

		FVector viewLocation;
		FRotator viewRotation;
		FSceneView* SceneView = localPlayer->CalcSceneView( &viewFamily, /*out*/ viewLocation, /*out*/ viewRotation, localPlayer->ViewportClient->Viewport );

		CurrentPostProcessSettings = SceneView->FinalPostProcessSettings;