Get Character under actor component


I have a Character class with some ActorComponent attach to it, in my component I wana get the player character, or make an create widget.

any idea


to get the owner of a component as a character you only need to cast it like this :

ACharacter* ownerCharacter = Cast<ACharacter>(GetOwner());
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to get the player Character it’s work fine, but my explanation isn’t not great

my component will be able to manage the UI of the game, UI made using UMG, so I need to be able to use CreateWidget function, can I delegate this management outside my character ? and how ?

I’m sorry i misunderstood your question :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems that using UMG in C++ is not recommended by Epic.

I don’t know if you can easily create UMG widgets from C++, but you can easily access your character’s UPROPERTY and UFUNCTION from inside the UMG callbacks