Get Binding ID from Level Sequence?

I am trying to get the binding ID for a specific object from a level sequence.

I am struggling to get the FGuid for the specific object.

This is what I have right now, but does not give me the right FGuid, I believe it is creating one right there.

FMovieSceneObjectBindingID GetBindingID(ULevelSequence *inLevelSequence, UObject *inObject)
    	FMovieSceneSequenceID LevelSequenceID(inLevelSequence->GetUniqueID());
    	FUniqueObjectGuid UniqueObjectGuid = FUniqueObjectGuid::GetOrCreateIDForObject(inObject);
    	return FMovieSceneObjectBindingID(UniqueObjectGuid.GetGuid(), LevelSequenceID);

Can anyone help me?

Solved It

How solved it ,would you pls?

I use this function to get and store the binding ID

Can you please elaborate how you solved it? I’m trying to accomplish the same thing. Thanks!


Are you using UMovieSceneSequenceExtensions::GetBindingID function?

ICurrently I’m encountering an “unknown symbol” problem about UMovieSceneSequenceExtensions. I have added the “SequencerScripting” module and the “MovieScene” module into the Build.cs file, like this:
PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[]
{ “Core”, “CoreUObject”, “Engine”, “InputCore”, “EnhancedInput”, “LevelSequence”, “SequencerScripting”, “MovieScene” });

and added headers into my cpp file, like this:
#include “ExtensionLibraries/MovieSceneSequenceExtensions.h”

Do you know why this “unknown symbol UMovieSceneSequenceExtensions::GetBindingID” happens?

Thanks in advance.