Get Base Aim Rotation — is this the same with or without a HMD?

Hey there,

I’ve developed a blueprint that simulates the sound of wind over the player’s ears as the player looks around. It reads the yaw rotation of the player’s head, currently with Get Base Aim Rotation for the Pawn. This works just fine in first person situations, where the entire character turns with the mouse, or just the head.

I do not own a Head Mounted Display, but I’d like to know for sure that the Get Base Aim Rotation will work the same with a Head Mounted Display as it would without. I’m wondering if anyone knows this answer?

I’d really appreciate any help! This BP would really make VR experiences much more immersive, and it’s unfortunate that I don’t currently have the means to test it with a HMD.

Here’s a video of the Adaptive Wind BP in action if anyone is curious:

I’m pretty sure the HMD has its own rotation value (possibly separate from where you are aiming) - But linking the two could be as simple as a checkbox.

In Blueprints there is a node for HMD specific rotation (Input > Headmounted display > Get Orientation and Position) - so that could help with debug.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t see why the yaw from the aim rotation and the yaw from the HMD orientation would be different values. I would assume I could use them interchangeably depending on the presence of a head mounted display. I just wish I could know for sure without access to a head mounted display myself.