Get an object to align to another object beyond 90degrees

Hi everyone! This is my first post, hopefully I explain everything well. So I’m just messing around with UE4 trying to sharpen my skills. My current thing I’m messing around with is a hoverboard thing, help me get better with rotation and vector math. Right now I’m stuck on trying to get the board to align with the floor normal on a sphere. All the ‘solutions’ online are similar to mine in that they all have the same problem. When either the Y or the X reach approaches (+/-)90 degrees the math seems to ‘break’ and the board no longer aligns to the sphere. So it works on smaller angles/slopes, but beyond 90 it fails.

A couple stuff about my setup:

  1. I am using a pawn with artificial gravity.
  2. Gravity is turned off when the board is on the ground.
  3. This is inside the event tick
  4. Using a line trace to find out when on the ground and find the floor normal
  5. Using rotation as well

Is there something I’m doing wrong or a way to get around this supposed limitation with normals with this setup? I would greatly appreciate any help.