Get all socket names returns all bones

Hi All,

I have a problem regarding blueprint and also affects c++ side of unreal. The “getallsocketnames” returns every bone.
It’s not that big deal because i can mark all of my socket with _socket so it’s easily detectable but is this a kown bug and are there any solutions to get only the sockets without the bones?

Yes, its working as intended.

Bones can behave exactly like sockets. In the code they purposely grab the bones.

If you wanted just the sockets, you can do:

// Grab all the mesh and skeleton sockets
		const TArray<USkeletalMeshSocket*> AllSockets = SkeletalMesh->GetActiveSocketList();

Hope that helps =)

Thank you for your help i’m going to try it out now.
But the methode name is still confusing :smiley: