Get actor position inside a Render Target (UMG)

Hello there,

I wanted to make some kind of spawn UI in which (amongst other things) the player can see the Map from the front and click on a point where they want to spawn. These points are predetermined by actors.

And this is what I did:
I created a 2d Scene Capture Camera to render the scene to a render target to use it inside of UMG:

My problem:
I don’t know how to determine the location of the Spawn Point Actor in the Screenspace of this image widget. I tried setting the 2d scene capture as active player cam and play around with “Project world to screen”, but somehow I can’t get the right position out of that.

Does anyone have a clue what I can try to make this work? Thanks in advance.

Hello! Why just dont set Visible to false for all actors that should not be visible while Spawning? Is there some other purpose to use Render Target instead of basic Viewport?

Thanks for your answer. I think I didn’t express myself very well. I wanted to spawn Sub-Widgets on top of that map image on which the player can click and thus select the desired spawn location. But I think I got it. I’m going to post an answer to this.

Ok I figured it out.
I basically divided the width of the spawn map image by the width of the viewport to get a multiplier by which I could modify the “project world to screen” coordinates of the 2d scene capture cam. I subtracted the excessive height (because the image is not the same ratio as the render cam) and used the values to modify the render translation.