Geometry Script Tools Meshes Not Appearing In Packaged Builds. Any Solutions?

I have tested this with a fresh project, creating mesh with the Geometry Script plugin does not appear in Shipping builds.

Does anyknow know of a solution to still be able to work with these tools?

Thank you,

Modeling Tools → Covnert is one solution

Converting to a static mesh is one solution, but if you wish to have a more dynamic solution that doesn’t require the modeling tools, creating a ‘DynamicMeshActor’ instead of using the ‘GeneratedDynamicMeshActor’ can do the trick.
(DynamicMeshActor should be just above GeneratedDynamicMeshActor)

You would then need to create an event or function, where you use the ‘Get Dynamic Mesh’ node to get the Target Mesh, and then you code whatever you need for that mesh.

In my case I created an event called ‘Build’, which creates my mesh. Then I call Build from the Construction Script. This way, the mesh should appear both in the editor, and in the packaged build.

(The Build Event)

As a bonus, the mesh can also be edited at run time now.

I am unsure as to whether there are any drawbacks to this approach, but so far it has worked fine for my needs.

I hope this can help someone!


Omfg, thank you so much.