Geometry invisible in play mode but is visible in orthographic view

The Box Brushes I was using for walls and floors are invisible in the perspective mode and in the play mode. While in the play mode I am able to walk through them, but they are visible in the wireframe of the orthographic view. I have tried rebuilding the level and the lighting but that has not worked. It does not work in the other lighting types (unlit and wireframe) what do I do.

Does it help when you convert them to static meshes? This is the general suggestion to someone who has problems with geometry brushes.

it makes it visible but it has the default textures and the subtractive brushes no longer work on it to make doorways, and new box brushes are made invisible too

And I can still walk through them

managed to fix a setting

I’m experiencing a similar problem now, the answer to your problem would have been helpful to see!

When creating meshes, you have to select all the brushes, subtractive as well. And then you have to add collision to the mesh manually.