Geometry Editor 2.0 suggestion thread

They are 100% not touching. They look like they are, but it’s an optical illusion. this could be a problem with csg and them being close. because look at below

Edit2: ah, the original map is corrupted. i tried to recreated the glitch but working in bsp is unreliably bad, I have crashed twice with an unknown error just by moving a brush, and im doing this remotely from my actual job on work time so… but this is carp.

Here I by simply rotating a csg box. a ton of unnecessary tris were added. there is absolutely no reason for this. You can move and rotate it to exponentially get more and more tris. UH k.

Second image, i dragged 2 of the same exact linear brush off the tab and it created the one on the right and the second time i did it, it created the one on the left. Notice something ? It’s got a n-gon ??? k

third image… i took three cylinders and placed them in the world, they never touched. and i have no words…

So question what is preventing epic from going to the full Model workflow opposed to CSG?

CSG is not culled properly and is always present in memory.

I know this because back in UDK I was making a level out of pure CSG.

I noticed that over the few days that I was modeling it that my computer started to grind to a halt every time I loaded the level.

Meshes should be looked at opposed to CSG IMHO.


Nothing AFAIK, going a static mesh modeling route would be ideal IMO, you can still do boolean operation and you can do more beyond just blocking out your levels, look at the Source Engine 2 Hammer editor. Though Epic would have to support quad,ngons in the editor though and high valence vertices.

On a related note, what happen to the Geometry Editor 2.0 card on Trello it seem to be gone?

In regards to your question -

Dunno I did not check the trello rather recently :slight_smile:

Progress happened.

YAY for Progress!

So, I’m coming from the Radiant and Hammer realm. There, you can pile THOUSANDS of BSPs into your level without any performance hit to the editor and always be working and seeing your level in 3D. How do Unreal level designers cope with BSPs that force you to disable real time updating before you ever hit 100 of them? I opened up the demo maps that come with the new Unreal Tournament (CTF-Crash Site, CTF-Dam) in editor and realized that, holy cow, these levels are entirely BSP. I can only imagine that the way these large, complex levels came to be is by painstakingly editing the BSPs in orthographic wire frame. Ouch… Is this really the standard Epic is setting for designers to prototype levels in 2015? If BSPs in Unreal are always going to be hobbled like this and not get the attention they deserve, I’d rather see innovations going to streamlining level prototyping through external 3d editors instead.

I don’t want to see BSPs go away, but for the love of god, all I want to see right now is my geometry updating in real time from start to finish of a level block out.

  • UE4 don’t have prefabs…
  • You cannot interact with the BSP Brushes
  • No tessellation support
    *In the Radiant & Hammer the realtime 3D is Unlit, anyway in the UE4 the 3D + viewports in Unlit give bad results. (The same performance problems)

Personally I’m looking forward to ProBuilder for UE4 and it looks like Epic Games has been collaborating with them for awhile on porting it over from Unity

ProBuilder Features List:

NOTE: You can follow the discussion that took place prior regarding ProBuilder here: SuperGrid - Fast Level Prototyping - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

As for features I would like to see in general with Geometry 2.0, I would be very interested in seeing improvements to BSP slice, merge & detach tools.

I would list more but most of what I’d like to see added or improved has already been mentioned above though I will say that perhaps Epic Games could take a page from CRYENGINE’s Designer Tool and some of Google SketchUp’s features (within reason hehe)

Yes but no, i like edit the brushes in the 2D viewport, no in the 3D without logic.

Work on Geometry 2.0 seem to have started? Trello

The one thing I really really REALLY want is to be able to modify geometry without it changing position!

I hate when I change a mesh created with a BSP brush from a Y value of 512 to a Y value of 510 and the entire mesh is translated 10 places higher and 15 places to the left!

I need dynamic editting!

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I have only one question, will it be free, or is this asset brought from the asset store?

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Makin’ the rounds and chiming in, we ain’t dead, just hit quite a few roadblocks! Jumping back in now, hope to have something to show soon.

Also, in regards to Hevedy’s comment- sure, you can edit in the “2D” (ortho/iso) viewports, using direct numerical input, if you like, as well :slight_smile:

After finding this thread: Level Design in UE4 is slow and tedious. - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

I’d like to know what happened to this feature (or if state of BSP brushes have improved).

Same state without changes…

I really like those ideas that have been posted in this thread and can’t wait to see them hopefully all in UE4 :slight_smile:

Blocking out a level with UE4’s BSP tools is almost impossible at the moment and the tools seem to be quite buggy and limited. My current workflow is a permanent FBX exchange between Cinema 4D and UE4 which is relatively annoying if you have to export your level every few seconds to see your changes in the game. Because of that reliable BSP tools are essential in my opinion.

Good work guys and keep posting in this thread!

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This stuff is VERY BADLY needed. Be it geo 2.0 or probuilder. That’s how to map far more quickly. One thing that (so far) has kept me away from mapping, is how painful it is in UE4. Eventually I will have no choice but to dive in… but I do not look forward to it.