Geomerics Enlighten Finally supports UE4

In the UE video the lamp seems to be movable though.

It is, but it’s not using GI, it’s using regular light probes.

I certainly hope Unity includes it for free with a $1,500 asking price. Meanwhile, the $20 that the UE4 costs clearly wouldn’t cover something like that.

While cool, I don’t like the limitations much.

I’d be happy getting the last little bits of what Lionhead has for LPV (I forget what it was, something about light injection or something to do with the sky?).

There’s not much that’s going to improve LPV

Please anyone help me. I don’t want to ask answerhub for now.

I wanted to mimic the feel of the video of Enlighten. So I started fiddling with LPV. I don’t know if Lionhead solution is implemented or not and how to access and what is it about and how different it is from UE4 default LPV. I followed these tuorials:

And this video to make a dynamic sun to create the dynamic light for dynamic GI:

I made coloured BSPs and I chnaged the time and colours and I got these results:

And I tried to do that in the same from the video aka Architecture by changing the Directional Light like in the tutorials and I got this: The sunlight going through the red curtain and diffusing reddish light almost like the video:

But when I tried to do the same in the map no light that has the flashlight tied to the player, I couldn’t even find how to change its light like in the tutorial to make it behave like the video forcing it to diffuse red when I orineted the flashlight towards the curtains

Please help to set the flashlight to create dynamic GI using what is proposed within UE4( I hope the trick doesn’t work only for directional lights like the sun otherwise we are doomed). Thanks

LPV can’t produce results like Enlighten, the detail isn’t there and it doesn’t actually cast shadows with the secondary bounces.
In your case, the issue is that LPV isn’t supported on spotlights, currently it’s only supported with directional lights and emissive textures. And ultimately it’s not going to give good results for interiors.

Oh I see. And what about the Lionhead solution you integrated? What does it consist in? I read it is a dynamic GI.

I don’t work for Epic, as far as the stuff with Lionhead–LPV is their solution, the only thing that they have that isn’t currently in UE4 is skylight injection(so that not all light comes from the directional light). That’s it, the only thing thing they may add to LPV is cascades, right now you can only define a specific area size that uses LPV, which is bad for interiors because to get better quality you have to make the size smaller since the resolution is fitted to the size, but anything beyond that distance doesn’t get any LPV and interiors often end up black from that, cascades would allow it to use a lower resolution area outside of the main area so that while it wouldn’t be good quality, at least there would be some effect there.
But, even if you shrink the LPV size very small to see the quality it is still very poor quality. It will never be a very good dynamic GI solution. For UE4 the most likely fix is with Distance Field solutions, right now can do shadows and AO, they are looking into how they can use it to do 1 bounce GI and it would give much better results than LPV though still not as good as their original SVOGI solution or Nvidia’s VXGI.
At the moment it looks like VXGI is the best solution, it gives quality results but performance is better than stuff like SVOGI

I have it right in front of me, after geometry pre-cache is completed you can move lights and it’s dynamic GI. That’s pretty much what Enlighten does, what it’s always done… If you change a shader, it has to re-cluster the whole thing and if you move a static mesh it also has to re-compute the whole thing.

The only advantage Enlighten brings to the table is you can move lights about at free will when it’s done it’s geometry pre-cache.

As for LPV, it’s fine for a quick cheap solution… It looks great in CryEngine, we know it’ll never be a real time photon mapping or RT solution…

I was talking about the lamp mesh itself, which since it’s moving can’t use the dynamic GI. The light that’s attached to it can.

That is LPV :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, for me, Enlighten seems cool but I imagine the licensing probably isn’t attainable for hobbyists or small indie devs, and thus not too interesting. I’m more interested in solutions which don’t involve proprietary plugins and email-to-ask licenses.

Voxel GI is still a terrible memory burden, which makes its utility very limited in practice.

This looks cool:

I hope Epic will integrate into UE4.

I don’t know how it compares–Epic did demos using SVOGI on a GTX 680, and VXGI should run better than that. Not sure if it’s ok for low-end systems (probably not) but it’s still a better solution.

It’s not just a matter of the rendering time, but the memory. Voxels, even sparsely stored, require a lot of VRAM to store. The more in the scene, the worse it is. I would expect an outdoor scene to be pretty terrible.

So what exactly is the status of this? I see they have it working with UE4 but they make no mention of public availability.

I know that UE4 is modular and not final-featured but real-time lighting and GI should be a given. They even made it a big focus of their early features demo and i didn’t see any inherent problems with it there.

It was called SVOGI and unfortunately they dropped it :(.

You won’t find an “out of box” price for that system, they only ever do licensing via negotiation. I can promise you, it won’t be cheap. They may eventually offer per seat indie licenses (so long as part of their contract with Unity doesn’t include any kind of competitive restriction), but I don’t see them offering it for less than $200 per seat, per platform. Epic’s model is to avoid integrating any third party software that carries a cost or royalty, in order to ensure they can release things cheaply, and with source (at least as much as they can, PhysX being an exception, but some companies won’t even let you show the code for binding to their libraries without an NDA, hence the console restrictions).

Here’s the email to contact them about licensing:


I’m no financial or marketing expert, but considering that SpeedTree offered their software for $19, I don’t see how geometric can will have success if the licenses are too different from it’s origin.

If Enlighten brings outstanding quality to the lightning in UE4, I personally as individual would be willing to give them 5% royalty and $10 a month for covering the support. Charging same amount per seat for different scale projects seems the Old-Fashioned mode of leading a business.

We’ve all seen that with enough skills you can recreate great lightning in EU4 so… I don’t know how this will workout if it’s too pricey.

However, I’m so happy to see that people are eager to find improvement in the Engine and make it the best tool that people can use it around the world. It really makes me feel nice to be party of the that community and give me the will power to improve myself and my skills.