Geomerics Enlighten Finally supports UE4

The effects are insane. I hope it won’t cost 200K bucks to get it.

Please do one favor for us: release this demo on Market Place to try it just like Allegorithmic let us download two of her demos. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.


Playstation Experience 2015 UPDATE

And now Final Fantasy VII Remake is using Geomerics Enlighten :

Wow that looks amazing. I really hope it could be implemented without users having to license it, but I’m doubtful.

At least they could release this updated demo with that lighting to try it. It would be really joyful !

First – that looks really, really good for a real-time GI solution!

Second, it’s not perfect – the arm rest on the couch should occlude the pillow next to it, probably a little more in towards the backrest rather than out towards the front edge. Also, the red specular on the backrest should probably be more occluded towards the bottom. See picture:


Again – this is an opportunity for even more improvement; I’m actually impressed by what it does already!

Pretty sure you would need the plugin in order to see the effects in the demo, so the demo on its own wouldn’t be useful.

So. If this would require similiar amount of precomputation to Distance Fields, and would present similiar limitations then IMO it would be totally worth it.

Of course if they tone down with price…

Oh hell. Geomerics is owned by ARM now. So ARM Pretty please provide free integration to unreal, so you can get cool looking real time games on mobile ;>

For me it makes you realise how gorgeous lightmass looks though, the major concern I’d have is if it’s anything like Unity’s integration I’d have to demo a current release before considering purchase.

Nobody will be interested at that price:)… Well, maybe a few studious…

Lightmass is still a nice solution and UE team keep improving it.

Yeah and how much time you waste, how much space lightmaps take(map size 550MB vs 22MB). Go figure :D.

Yes. I’m adamant on the thing, that Lightmass is only useful, when you are doing tight spaces, and even then I would gladly do without it.

I have no patience to wait hours for bake and the realize it looks like ****, and bake again ;/

Exactly, you can’t release an 80GB game, 50 % of it taken up by lightmaps and I did a scene with Unity. It was 5 trees, 4 building and a plane mesh with a mat added and it took around 3 - 5 hours for it to pre-compute for dynamic GI, yes you can drop the resolution but kind of defeats the point somewhat? At some point you’re just better off using Dynamic lighting and a Skylight… I’m not saying this is reflective of Enlighten as a whole, but if that’s where it’s at right this second as said I’d have to do some serious in depth testing before purchase.

Agreed regarding Lightmass - yeah, it looks great in most cases, but on Landscapes I get horrible splotches everywhere even with resolution set to 10, which eats up my 16GB of RAM and takes about an hour on preview.

Cover the terrain in a lightmass importance volume… I never actually finished baking a terrain with Enlighten, I gave up :)…

Oh you have Enlighten for UE4? How did you get access to it?

Not UE4, most recently I used it with Unity and years ago with Frostbite.

Since Unity provides Enlighten GI out of the box without additional cost, hopefully Epic will do the same to be on par with them in that regard.

You forgot, that Unity has a much higher price.

Oh ****, now Unity 5 is DOA…

What’s DOA? Dead on arrival?

I’d rather Epic works on a solution that avoids all the issues that Enlighten has, like their original SVOGI or Nvidia’s VXGI

Anyone know how they’re dealing with reflections in this scene? Are they relying just on SSRR or are the reflection probes being updated in real time?

I’m hoping they release it as a plugin for sub-$200/year.