Geodav's UE4 tutorials and support thread

Ok while we’re all waiting for access i decide to start this thread to give you guys a few starting tips before we hit the video’s

  1. Scale - UE4 uses 1cm = 1UU (unreal unit)
    this means all of your content that you port from UDK will need to be scaled up

  2. Decimal - gone are the days of power of 2 for map building, so now you can make your meshes to real sizes, afaik atm grid snap is 1, 5, 10, 25, …

  3. Characters - as with the scale characters now are real life size in cm’s eg:- big guy 196cm’s = 196 UU

more to follow:-

Unreal Engine 4 playlist

Blender -> UE4 playlist

well the first video is up, Blender to UE4 setup

i don’t intend to add every video here but as things grow i’ll post links to the playlists

ps. from my experience with UE4 please keep to the new Unreal scale so that you don’t get the problems i had :wink:

Thanks Geo, I look forward to the improved toolset.

I THINK you can go back to the old power-of-2 numbers grid system though if I’m not mistaken? I’m sure there was an option added for that during the beta. Could be wrong though…

I quite like the power-2 system personally :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, in Level Editor - Viewports there’s an option to use power of two snap size.

Thank you.

Thanks Geodav, looking forward to the other stuff you’ve got coming up!

Thanks for this info :slight_smile:

thanks geodav, your info is always helpfull

first video is up link in the first post

Hi Geodav,

is the vehicles tutorials you made for UE3 still valid for UE4 ?

and if i can wish:
can you make tutorial on vehicle weapons, like launching projectiles, shooting vehicles ennemies … etc ?

Thanks Geodav! This is really useful Geodav!

atm the moment a vehicle tutorial is out of the question.

the basic reason for this is the simple fact that looking at what examples i have access to i expect the whole vehicle system will be changing so even if i did record something it would be all wrong with a month

so far it takes me about 2 hours to set up a basic wheeled vehicle, with no code for weapons/entry/exit so not really worth my time atm

on a side note the content creation side is the same afaik but remember you need to scale it up to the new UE4 scale

ok added 3 quick tip video’s to the UE4 playlist

small toolbar icons
post processing (switch off in editor)

added 2 for the Blender to UE4
basically 2 options for using the blender Rigify character rig into UE4

We need rep +1’s here. I am at the start of a long journey and I have to thank you for making it that much easier.

just added a small series (3 videos) on starting and packaging a basic project

Thank you for your contributions. I am planning to convert from Unity to UE4 and my last remaining hesitancy is tutorials, documentation, and marketplace. Unity exploded because of its community made tutorials and asset store. If UE4 can get the same level of community and marketplace assets, that will take it over the top. These are the things that make small time amateurs like me make a dream possible, even if it is one tiny step at a time. Community and thriving marketplace for small dreamers like me. Those are the king makers for any game engine.

Geodav, Please add captioning to your video tutorials. I am hearing-impaired. I’m interested in your basic vehicle tutorial.

GeoDav, do you any plans to create written versions of your tutorials? If not, I don’t mind doing it for your website or whatever if it helps people who can’t hear / understand / follow a video / whatever reason.

to be honest i haven’t even thought about written tutorials in a long time, mainly because doing a video is a lot quicker/easier