Geodav's UE4 tutorials and support thread

Any updates on adding captioning to tutorial videos?

Geodav, is there any way to get upk files into Blender? I’ve really been wanting to go through Dishonored’s static meshes for inspiration, and it’d be really nice to search for what I want instead of having to walk through the game :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jamesfsky, go into blender user settings and activate the udk tools i think that are in the import/export section. You should now be able to import.

Woah, didn’t see those, but even so (I’m not trying to be picky, just saying!), those are only .psk and .psa; Dishonored (and from what I hear, all the other UE games) package their files in .upk files. Is there a program that unpacks those into .psk files? Thanks for your help!

well thats not really legal but google “umodel” “umodel_gui” & “Gildor”
the tool works psk/psa/fbx i mainly used it to cheat when trying to port my udk content to UE4 beta which failed when i realise the scale difference
but it does help

Danke for the tip!

been a while but i’ve added a few videos
2 in the blender - ue4 section for vehicle set up and collision mesh
1 in the UE4 section for setting up a simple vehicle suspension

must admit i don’t update this thread enough but here’s another for you
export the UE4.8.2 SK_Mannequin then import to Blender 2.75a
export from blender into ue watch for the export options :wink:

Great stuff, I subscribed! :slight_smile:

Hi Mr Geo, can you please provide us a link for your weapon package?, can you please upload them as a weapon pack for udk?

hi john not sure what weapon pack you mean, i really doubt you mean the simple box/cyl mesh that i use for the tutorials, but if thats what you need i can look into it, as for udk just follow the old ue3/ut3/udk tutorials and you’ll be fine

I went through your video for retargeting maximo characters… I get this for jog forward…


Arms out like that while running… ugh, why isn’t there SOME sort of standard to all this stuff?

i think because every animator thinks his/her rig is the best, personnaly not a big fan of the current UE4_Manniquin rig , i think the shoulders are to far back , looks worst than i did when i was on parade, re-targeting can help lots but you need to find a skeleton/rig that fits your characters, i think what you might want to try are the older UE4 character anims which “should” still work with the Fuse characters :slight_smile:
just let me know if i can help you on that

It is certainly a pain when there are so many aspects to learn as a single person leaning to make a game.

I think the old hero skeleton works better than the new ue4 one.

So pretty much could just use the fuse skeleton if I made all my own animations…? But that’s abother several months of learning isn’t it?

well what we can do is use the mixamo anims which are now free or
just tried this is to re-target the ‘new’ anims onto the old rig (fuse) then adjust the targeting , looks not to bad just extra work, thought i still had a project with the old anims :frowning:
select the skeleton in persona then select all the bones right click then select “re-target to skeleton” you’ll have to set the root and pelvis back to animation for it to work, this is using the animation starter pack.

also could try and bring the new UT anims over but not 100% sure if thats allowed

I’m willing to do this for you, just let me know what ones you need, i can try and get the full mixamo packs in if you want

Ah I am working on downloading just about every possible animation I could need while they are free there (mixamo), and just using those… :wink:

Ok people i’ve just uploaded 2 video’s

  1. setting Blender to Metric Units [video][/video]
  2. Update Blender Apex Cloth UE 4.10 [video][/video]

Awesome tutorials, Thanks!