Genshin Impact Assets on the store, Ripped?


I do not have 100% rock hard evidence for this (but… I think its 99.99%.), but it is certainly something that should be investigated, given that this can put anyone who uses these Assets into trouble.

I also apologize for not knowing “where to report this”, or “what to do about it”, since I dont want to accuse someone of something they might not have done without other eyes having glimpsed over it.

Lets get to the proof then, shall we?

Assetpack: UndergroundPalace in Environments - UE Marketplace

This is actually one of Genshin impacts “Sphere” Asset-Sets combined with Parts from the “Hilichurl” stuff you can find near their camps.

  • Images are taken from the Trailer on the Assetpacks Store Page: UndergroundPalace(UE4 Marketplace) - YouTube

  • Screenshots from Genshin Impact are mine, I left part of the UI/Character in to make it obvious which one is which.

I think that this is enough evidence, but I do have more (the fireplace, doors, the floor, other stones, etc.), I am just too lazy to put effort into this guy.

There are two more assetpacks directly copying Genshin Impact, but from what I see not ripping the assets, therefore I will not add them here.

EDIT: Its not for sale anymore, that was quick.

EDIT 2: I stopped being too lazy and dug up plenty more pieces in the game (I ignored some of the ones I already checked in the above image.):

Many more of the ones in his list I have seen in the game in the past, but couldnt find them quickly enough, but it shouldnt matter anymore, given the list of things I can clearly find.

Note: He has recolored some of the things, but it should be obvious based on the mesh on itself and the amount of things “that coincidentally are similar to the ones in Genshin Impact” :rofl:


It stinks, and has to be stopped. I don’t know if this is still relevant:

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Thanks, ill check this if nothing happens, but I doubt that this Topic will go unnoticed for more than a few hours. (currently the assetpack is hidden, but the seller still has his other stuff there - I dont see why Epic would not kick him entirely - after this, there is no guarantee that the other things arent “taken from somewhere” either.)

Not sure if its the seller hiding the pack to “evade” or epic hiding it.

Side story… I couldnt even believe what I was seeing, when I saw it.

He literally took (*seems to have taken) Assets from one of the most played games we have, and put them on the store. I didnt believe it until I stood next to the crate in Genshin Impact, thats how dumb this is.

Right now, that has shaken “the trust” I had in the Marketplace… idk what to think about it. (Obviously, I am not blaming Epic, they cant know every single game out there - thats not their fault.)

EDIT: Also: what about the people who might have bought it, shouldnt they get a mail from epic? (and their money back?)

Just thinking about getting DMCA-slapped for something that is not your fault… not nice.

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So I found the rest of his marketplace assets on other sites, all published before he published them on marketplace:

Eh, seems like he stole these considering the Genshin Impact stuff; they clearly didn’t come directly from him. It seems he’s also gone through and modified them slightly (moved/removed/replaced things). For instance, in his parking garage, he has this funny little thing:


I expected it, guess he is going to get “the yeet” once Epic “wakes up” (its currently Early morning in NC)- I just couldnt “find it quickly”, but the Genshin stuff was already enough, I think.

Fun Fact: The church he sells is a bad copy of genshins Mondstadt Church, it even has the rotated secret door at the end…

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you got him - as soon as you posted this, he took them all offline. (Even the copycat-mondstadt-church, despite it being “fine”.)

Guess thats one way to say “I am guilty”…

He clearly is reading this topic :P, but seems to be ignoring the fact that Epic can still see it…

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Hey folks,

Thank you for flagging this @Yaeko.

Even though it appears the creator has taken down the asset packs in question we’ve escalated this with the Marketplace Team.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Thanks, and sorry for “causing drama”.

If any more information from inside Genshin Impact is needed, just ask, I will try to provide what lies within my reach.

Well done, @Yaeko!

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Thanks, and “well done” to everyone else who contributed to this.


Lol, good work everyone!

Hey folks!

The report is with the Marketplace Team. In the future, we would appreciate the community would create a support ticket to flag the concern to the Marketplace Team, which is the fastest and best way for a third party to flag. Also worth noting, the content owner can initiate a DMCA process at here.

Thank you all again for flagging this. We’ll be closing the thread, and this will be a record of the report.

Happy Developing!