generating2nd UV channel

Hi all,

Whenever i build my light, the error saying i have 99.9 overlapping uv pops up. I did a quick search and it seems that i dont have a dedicated uv channel for the lightmap. I then proceed to try and create the 2nd uv channel in UE4 following the guide. When i hit apply changes, the screen loads for a bit and then back to normal again, which i assume a new channel had been created. Nope… nothing at all… the channel i have under the drop down is still channel 0 and the listed channel is still 1.,… any clue?

Thx in advance! I’m just a newbie trying really hard to master UE4 so bear with my beginner questions! =(

Hello Michael,

In the same mesh viewer, be sure to set the “Lightmap coordinate index” to the right UV-map number.
Also keep in mind, that the auto generator looks at the first uv map created (in your case UV0) and if that uv-map isnt properly set up (cant have islands that overlap themselves, no partially inverted uv’s etc) it cant generate a decent uv-map for UV1.

Also, looking at that mesh… split it up, each of those buildings could be a seperate mesh, heck… every wall could be a seperate mesh.