Generating navmesh at runtime on actors spawned at runtime

So basically, I’m essentially making a top down procedurally generated dungeon exploring game.

I have tiles that will be spawned when the player overlaps collision boxes.

What I want to do is generate the navmesh around the player (and AI), or somehow add a navmesh volume into the actor BPs of the spawned tiles.

Basically I want to avoid having to create an infinitely humongous navmesh bounds volume that will be constantly updated at runtime to adapt to the spawned tiles.

Hope that wasn’t too hard to follow, hope it made sense…

Thanks y’all!

There is small tutorial from Epic AI developer on using Active Tiles, I think it might be helpful

This is exactly what I need. Thanks!

Since the link is broken, here is my solution. Make sure your NavMeshBoundsVolume is set to movable, then add this function to your player controller. (you can use the set hidden toggle to visualize your navmesh in-game, disconnect if you don’t need it)

When you get all actors of the Nav Mesh Bounds class make sure to promote it to a variable to reference when updating the Nav Mesh location.

After this, run the function upon event beginplay. Then use the navigation systems to update the nav mesh every tick.