Generating Fisheye effect at the end of a Raycast

Hey there,
I’ve read lots of questions here the whole day but all of them does not fit my problem.


  • I’ve got some Static Mesh Actors which represent selectable Items in a VR Environment
  • Using the HTC Vive Motioncontroller, one can select these Items by pressing Trigger after pointing in it’s direction (ray trace)

Problem: I want to implement some kind of “fisheye effect - lens” at the end of the raycast i.e. like a sphere which is abled to perform a distortion on the whole world including, but not limited to, the environment (means everything should get distortet within a defined radius from ray cast hit point).
I have already implemented the “eat3d ue4 shader fx cubic lens distortion” as well as some kind of world position offset (which is only abled to perform distortion from ONE currently selected item in direction of the ray cast hit point, but both does not seem to fit my problem…

anyone who might help me?

Try spawning a distorted or lens shaped mesh at the end of the cast that has a translucent material with refraction.

thanks for your reply

yes, i tried this already, spawning a sphere with a special mesh (opacity 0, refraction 0.8), but in this case there will be a pseudo distortion, i need the real object (static mesh actor’s mesh) to get distorted instead of a simple lens effect, because it get’s hovered in holographic-blue-light (by changeing the material) when selected; this will shine without any kind of distortion through the sphere/lens

So i really have to perform some kind of deformation of the meshes including environment, i guess