GenerateProjectFiles error with Playstation 5 Setup for Unreal Enigne 5.0

Hi, I’m building source engine (from GitHub) with playstation sdk. When I got playstation files in correct place, then I used generateprojectfiles and every time got this error CS8652. There is an issue with SonyToolChain.cs file in two places - both are for same function called “new()” in first error and second with “new(LinkArgument)”.

According to my knowledge the issue is that this function is using preview version of code which isn’t supported.

I used for this a couple of setups:

  • Visual Studio 2022 with .NET Core 3.1 - language version 8.0

  • Visual Studio 2022 with .NET Core 6.0 LTS

  • Visual Studio 2022 Preview with both .NET Cores

  • Visual Studio 2019 with .NET Core 3.1

Version’s of PS5 sdk I used for each setup: PS5-ue5-main-23566146, PS5-ue5-main-22876523, PS5-ue5-main-21088213.

Every time I got same message. Without PS5 files everything works fine but I need this version of engine with Sony console support.

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Did you find a solution?
use the Commit.gitdeps.xml file Then try setup file