Generated UV texture coordinates. Possible?

Hello everyone!
In Blender we have node that generates coordinates for the image texture in different ways according to object geometry (see attached pic)

Is it possible for material nodes in UE4 to do the same thing? So we don’t need unwrap objects every time, or we can do custom texture mapping on same meshes located in different places in scene or, say, do fake reflections?

You mean having a material generate automatic UVs for a mesh in UE4? Someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that is possible.

You can pack any data you want into Custom UVs including, obviously, UV mapping data. You should have access to all (or at least most) of the regular material nodes for a Custom UV so you should be able to do pretty much any kind of UV mapping (or other calculation) that you want. Of course, it’s more efficient to bake UVs directly into the mesh, but calculating things per-vertex at runtime is much more flexible.

Ermm… Yes!
Well, I am not meaning unwrap mesh, but generates coordinates. From vertex coordinates, from world coordinates etc without using existing pre-made UV channels.
I have seen somewhere on ue4 tuts that somehow it possible to do, the example was a mesh object has different colors in different positions, but can’t find again

you can use the bounds material nodes to generate uvw coordinates based on the object bounds.