Generate normal from noise imposible?

Why is it so complicated to generate normal from noise generator ?
I think it is the minimum to be able to do this in a material editor.
Thank you if you have a solution.

Like this but it looks like ■■■■. You’re better off quickly creating some noise in photoshop and converting it to a normal map with Xnormal or Nvidia plugin. Takes under 3 mins.

‘The Noise Module by default deals with a range of values from -1 to 1 on the pixel level and it will be hard to get the smooth results you are looking for from that particular module.’

I saw this answer but it is not the result I want.
If you can input a black and white texture in the NormalFromHeightMap node and obtain a normal map, why not from black and white noise generator ?

I’m not sure, might be because there’s only specific demand for it. Why don’t you just put a greysacle noise in the the NormalFromHeightMap node then. Is there some specific reason you want to use the noise node?

On all 3D software I used ( Octane, Blender ), I was able generate normal with noise generators. I find this very useful to create materials in the engine and instantly see the result. I like to use noise to make flat surface more realistic : little bumps on painted walls, deformations on windows, large and subtle deformations on a floor or metal, bumps on a plastic surface, dust… A pregenerated texture wont give me the liberty to create the perfect bumps. A lot of objects have noise like deformations. Also, normally with the generator you can generate checker board, marble, sine waves, fractals, circles…

PreparePerturbNormalHQ and PerturbNormalHQ are two nodes that work in this scenario. Make sure to untick “Tangent Space Normals” on the material properties


Thank you :slight_smile:

Old but gold. You can easily get nice effects using Transform Vector and Pre skinned position.

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This function is so convenient!!! I drew a grid using math and changed it to normal
Draw grid and change to normal map

What were your settings for the noise node?

I’m sorry for waking your post, but in your image I don’t see what you are doing with the pre-skinned position node, can you show the further steps?

plug into a custom UV to drive the noise from