General understanding

Hi, we are working for brand article enterprises and in the last two years we have been concentrating a lot of creating 3D environments, e.g. shelf visualization in supermarkets Our main tool is Cinema 4D but for small projects Adobe Dimension too.
Furthermore we are information designers and work a lot in (2D) platforms from where diverse information can be retrieved (Charts, videos, images, animations).
We are wondering if unreal engine could enhance our work but we are still not sure what we may achieve with it.
The vision is to create a 3D platform space in which the presenter can freely move and do „some things“ such as walking around and exploring the world we were creating.
Exploring in the context of seeing charts, videos, animations and all these business related stuff that normally is delivered by PowerPoint.
Is UE the right tool for such a task?
Thanks for sharing your opinion on this topic.