General questions about the platform and UE4

So, in the light of recent rumors, I am kinda in the position where I have to develop for Daydream (or not develop for mobile VR at all), since Google doesn’t seem to be as stupidly rigid as Oculus when it comes to publishing apps for Daydream (at least I don’t see anywhere mentioned that 60 fps is a hard number).

I am wondering about how easy (or not) it is to work with Daydream in UE4.

  • Can I develop on non-Daydream device (as if it’s for Cardboard) and then simply have someone with Daydream phone to test my work (until I get my S6 update to Android 7.1.1 or until I get Daydream phone)
  • Is there a loading indicator (similar to what Gear VR has) popping in right when the app starts (since UE4 takes forever to load, and requirement is 3 sec, I would love to have this feature)
  • Is all Daydream functionality (full Daydream controller support, etc.) exposed to Blueprints ?
  • Is there working out of the box spatialized HRFT audio for Daydream ?
  • Is there any sort of DRM, similar to Gear VR ?
  • Does Daydream use standard Google stuff for leaderboards and all that social “nonsense” ? (as if it would be regular Android app)
  • Does UE4 automatically have async timewarp-like functionality enabled for Daydream ?
  • Does Daydream use any kind of fancy rendering features, like Vulkan, multiview, etc. to gain performance, by default ?
  • Can I use gamepad with Daydream? (some games are better played with gamepad and not motion controller)
  • Is it safe to say that Gear VR app can be easily ported for Daydream without loss of functionality and visual fidelity ?
  • Do I have to be with Verizon or can I just get a phone and develop for Daydream without connecting to the carrier? (I am not with Verizon and not planning on getting with them)

And the most important question - how is the support from Google ? One thing Oculus improved recently was support. Oculus staff is active on their forums, approval process is supposedly streamlined, they have more or less stable release rate for updates, etc. etc. I don’t really see anything like that for Daydream and that’s a concern.

Thanks beforehand.