General Material Question

Is it possible to edit the default material shader? For example, I don’t want any specular in my project, and I want the roughness to always be 1. So, is it possible to edit the default new material template such that it will always have a 0 plugged into the specular and a 1 plugged into the roughness?

You could probably crack into the code. But for something so simple, why not just make a material with these hooked up and then duplicate from it whenever you need this type of setup. Sounds like a lot of effort for a specific preference.

Thanks my dude. The only catch is that when you have a texture imported, it is more convenient to right click and create a new material rather than duplicating a template material and adding in the texture manually every time. It just improves workflow when you have 200 materials to generate. I’m looking into cracking into the code, just wondering if anyone has a guide on that. I think you would just edit the Engine Content. I’m trying to figure out which material to edit though :wink:

Hi, if you want to have many different materials using the same underlying material, why not use material instances? So you make one “master material” and then create instances from that.

yeah… This. I kind of assumed OP knows this and just wants a particular thing. Maybe OP is making different kinds of materials, but its really why mat instances exist.

That’s what I’m going to use it’s not that much more efficient, I was hoping for something else. Looks like you will would have to tamper with hlsl in order to edit the material.