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Hey tegleg!
thank you for re-posting this here. As Jeff Wilson said, this is definitely something they would love to do more of and there are eyes on this topic. It will just take some time. For now, are there any specific code examples that you could think of that would be beneficial to users. You mentioned the basics / specifiers page which is a good example. If there are anymore specific examples you can think of please send them my way.


Is there any particular reason why a significant portion of C++ properties are undocumented? I’ve run into this a few times, where I can’t figure out how to access a certain object. I’ll look into the BP equivalent and see that it uses an undocumented property.

For instance in Apple’s APIs, undocumented means forbidden, i.e. your app could crash in the future and we will reject your app if you use this.
I’m guessing it’s more of an oversight with UE4.

The most recent example I found in APlayerController:

/** Camera manager associated with this Player Controller. */
UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadOnly, Category=PlayerController)
class APlayerCameraManager* PlayerCameraManager;

/** PlayerCamera class should be set for each game, otherwise Engine.PlayerCameraManager is used */
UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadOnly, Category=PlayerController)
TSubclassOf<class APlayerCameraManager> PlayerCameraManagerClass;

Can’t find any documentation for this property.

There are more cases like this, but I can’t remember any right now.

Are you manually filtering the output of your doc generator, or how does something like this happen?

I thought of a way to improve the documentation.
Make it downloadable. Sure it’s being updated all the time, but that’s the beauty of technology. Just make the download updatable too.
Offline users already notch out time to download new engine versions when they come out anyway.

Here’s an Example. Click here to Download the latest version of the Unity Manual.

I think the documentation could explain the underlying concepts of systems (e.g. Cascade, Audio…) better. By this I mean something like a high level technical or design documentation that connects the API docs with the general docs.
In general the single elements of the systems are covered quite good but it is hard to understand how they are supposed to work together and how I am supposed to use them (especially in programming/ blueprints).

For example the Audio system:
There is a section in the documentation that gives an overview and the API but they only explain what each element does on a very basic level.
For example it misses out that you need to set a BaseSoundMix to be able to overwrite it later. Which makes threads like that necessary to understand the system.

May’ve already been mentioned several times before in this thread (in which case I apologize) but the AI relevant documentation (Behavior Trees and Blackboards) are very much lacking in information regarding what’s actually going on behind the scenes and how the different components tie in together.

It’s taken me far too long than I care to admit to get a simple grasp on the usage of Behavior Trees in UE4 (not behavior trees in general) because the relevant docs are written in a…

  1. Do this.
  2. Do this.
  3. Now do this.
  4. Voila! You now have this very specific example working!

…style that, at the end of the day, doesn’t really help us in developing our own AI.
Somewhat of a shame considering the system definitely looks expansive and useful once I’ll get the hang of it.

Huh, it seems that my topics are not saved at all. So I try it as a comment here:

The manual for the installation of CodeWorks for Android on Linux is missing some steps.

First you have to ensure your /tmp/ directory to be executable. This can be done with the command:

mount -o remount,exec /tmp/

You also need the legacy libpng version 1.2. For Gentoo Linux the command is:

emerge libpng:1.2

This will solve some issues. It would be great to update the docs.

I’m really excited about all of the positive changes happening as you are pursing the enterprise markets like architecture and product design…keep up the amazing work! As a general comment about the documentation, it would be great to have an extensive troubleshooting section for each topic. It’s great to have a clear explanation of how things are *supposed *to work, but when they don’t, it would be nice to have some sort of information about common pitfalls.

Any docs on Chaos?

We should have some stuff for release, but not before then.…tup/index.html this was Lovely Thank you so much for the Update… This even know it is basically the same as before 4 years old or so… but this is much cleaner and you can actually follow along… Perfectly i know it is less to do with unreal and more to do wit VS but this is the first time Ever intelicode has worked correctly NO GREEN SQwiggles YES … Epic Unreal LOVE for you guys… THE DOCS ARE AMAZING! Thank you from Every One No Doubt about it… Next we need Better docs for interacting with Twitch… I Found THIS 4.3 Feature Highlights & Twitch Integration | Feature Highlight | Unreal Engine - YouTube and Did not get the chance to start until 2 years later so I missed out then… kinda seems like every thing is in place I mean I am using twitch API and interacting with it now… I would Love some Unreal Documentation quick integration guide… Maybe some links to the Twitch developers documentation where need be. BUT THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

Hi, I’m pretty new with unreal. I read a lot of documentation and my eyes are screaming because background looks like white. (background-color is black with transparency 100% :stuck_out_tongue:). It is possible to add some options to change this and remember user chose in cookies or somthing like that?

I find this :
but in my browser (Mozzilla Firefox 92.0) it doesn’t work.