GearVR Touchpad

I have a problem with the GearVR touchpad. I use the input touch node. At pressed, set boolean is true. On release, set boolean is false. If the boolean is true, a cube rotates. If it is false, the cube stops turning. When I test on my smarphone, it works but with the gearVR, the cube rotates a few frames and then stops.

after the testing, I think there is a bug with the GearVR touchpad. At pressed, even if I keep my finger on the touchpad, there is a release is done.

if someone already had the problem?

ps : sorry for my bad english.

I think the problem you are experiencing is related to this one. Basically, the pressed and released events are triggered multiple time due to a bug.

Exactly! I hope this bug will be fixed with 4.10 because currently it is impossible to use the Gear VR touchpad.