GearVR to back to Menu don't work

Hi guys

I follow the UE4 documentation to create a Gear VR Global Menu Blueprint, but don’t work. Someone have use this setup? I need publish my project in Oculus Store, but need to resolve this problem first.


Hi folks, I can’t get this to work properly in 4.13 - the line gets drawn incorrectly -

Hey the docs fail to mention this but you’ll need to use the console command “gearvr.handlebackbutton 0” as by default now (since like 4.12 or 11 I think) Oculus themselves automatically map to the back button (which overrides any input from ue4)

I’ve got the button to go back using the method you described - but the progress bar on the hud is massively offset and looks wrong.

Yeah the docs don’t really explain it but that bottom part in you’re last pic (in the initial post) defines the width of the UI. The idea behind it is you want the UI to animate from 0-100 (100 is the arbitrary length that they decided the UI should be) which can be easily accomplished by using how long the button has been held down for. However you want the value to be at 100 when the timer reaches 0.75 so therefore you need to normalise the time value (so its 1 at 0.75) this is done by dividing 0.75).

Now you have a value that animates from 0-1 in 0.75 seconds so all that’s left is to multiply by the length you want the element to be in the end (in this case 100).

However here is where the issue comes in just above this you’ve told the UI to be in the middle of the screen but you just told it to expand 100 units beyond this when fully animated, anyway all you’ll need to do is subtract 50 from the Screen X Value (or the final width divided by 2, 100 / 2)

Anyways, shameless self promotion, I cover this and how to create a cool little circle UI animator for this (just like the oculus one) in my upcoming book :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help - the bar was working properly and to my liking in UE4.10 - but in 4.13 it’s way off to the top right and only in one eye.

I’m also having issues with Android key signing and packaging. Is that something you know about too?

Ok I get you now, yeah that’s a bug that goes in and out of being fixed, I can see you’ve already asked about it here so will see if anyone answers it there.

In the mean time you can use the Widget Component that will allow you to move you’re UI into a UMG widget (I show how to do something similar here)

As for the signing issues, I haven’t ran into many of them myself but I can try to answer

At least it’s a known bug - typically it’s one of the only things broken that I actually need.

Thanks for the widget info, I’ll take a look.

I’m having trouble for the AndroidManifest.xml - but not really sure what to do about it yet.