GearVR + StereoStaticMesh Component to display Stereoscopic 360 photos...

Hi all!

Has anybody used/played with the StereoStaticMesh component AND GearVR+s7? (on 4.16.1 + StereoPanoramic plugin turned on)

I have used the following technique with great success on the Vive:

Created new BP, add two StereoStaticMesh Components, renamed them each to know which is for the Left/Right eye, added a static mesh (in my case imported fbx sphere with inverted normals),
set the material for each Left/right eye and set the “Eye to render” respectively under ‘Sprite’.
Created 2 materials, each with L/R 360 spherical pano textures, basic emissive color, unlit. Lowered the res to 2x1k textures to be sure…

I’ve tried this BP in two GearVR projects, one based on c++ and one based on BP, neither of these would show this BP in the GearVR.
And again, this works perfectly in the Vive. So the StereoStaticMesh works great for this application, it just doesn’t seem to be translated to the GearVR correctly. Bug? Impossibility? Cretin?

Any help in the right direction (in fact; 360 stereo pano exports on GearVR?) would be great! :slight_smile:

Check out the following tutorial as it does what you want but in a way that will work on almost any VR device and platform.

Thanks a lot for the tip! I’ve already looked into doing it that way indeed, but it seems that this uses a ‘screen space’ sort of projection, right?

This way makes it hard/impossible to position objects in the 3d space and match the panorama background… That’s my mail goal here, making a bit more ‘animated/interactive’ panoramic 360’s :wink:

The cool thing about the StereoStaticMesh in my opinion is that it is ‘object space’, so that the coordinates and the position of the sphere(s) around the player are physical,
and can place object inside the spheres and aligning things are easily.

That’s why I was wondering if and how it is possible to export to the GearVR, as this technique works great in the Vive (objects in ‘real’ 3d + stereo background)…
Hopefully it will be fixed/adapted to work on the GearVR? But I guess that a very small part of the UE userbase…

I’d also be interested if this worked for gearvr

Good to know that I’m not alone here :slight_smile:

I just wonder why there’s no documentation on this component anywhere, only the screenspace textures, as Sam pointed out for the stereopano capture,
but it would be great to get this technique (2xstereomesh) to export correctly on the GearVR…