[GearVR] Play Sound always has an innate delay

I am working on a music game in GearVR, and I cannot get a sound base to play the instant I call it to play. In the editor there is no delay, but once in GearVR, the sound being played is always delayed by ~0.2seconds. My music game is almost completed, and I am cheating using a 0.2 second offset but it is not exact and is the only and last issue preventing me from finishing it.

You can test this by having a .wav that plays a beat on 0th second, 1s, 2s, etc. Play it by making an empty sound base → Event BeginPlay → Assign sound to sound base → Play. Then call an event where pressing the GearVR touchpad that prints out the seconds that have passed. If you hit on beat, it will be around 0.2sec, 1.2s, 2.2s, etc.
This seems to be something very deep that I can’t figure out to fix.