GearVR Performance : Frame > Game + Draw

I’m trying to figure out why my GearVR project is running so slowly. I know the only person who can fix my performance issues is me, but I want to know what my Frame time is so much large than my Game and Draw time.

When using stat unit:

Frame: 24ms

Game: 5ms

Draw: 6-8ms

My understanding is that the Frame time should be Max(Game, Draw), but here it’s wildly higher than both. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is the case?

My game uses only instanced static meshes and is completely unlit. I feel like I’ve stripped UE4 of every high quality rendering setting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I switched all my meshes from instanced static mesh to regular static mesh. For some reason this did the trick. I must be missing something about how instanced static meshes work…