GearVR or Oculus HQ Rendering Layer

I was wondering if there is support on the Gear to render certain materials or actors on a higher quality layer, eg: for UI presentation, etc… I know Oculus does this for their HUD and menu, is there something we can do in UE4?

Got a reply on the Oculus boards here:

I see that the 4.11 release notes mention stereo layer support. Any idea how one can go about using that? It also mentions the 1.0 SDK being integrated but it doesn’t look like that from browsing the source. Are either of those features in the preview build?

Not sure stereo layers are the ones you are talking about. I’ve read they are intended eg for displaying stereo images (I may be wrong, though)

I hope not. Displaying stereo textures has been doable for a long time with a little bit of material tweaking. But finally getting overlays and layers in VR will allow us to better display HUDs and even stereo images with the ability to bypass the double sampling that occurs when we do the distortion pass for display. Only time will tell I guess. I don’t see anything specific in the change logs so it’s hard to pinpoint if this is the change or if it is even in this release yet.

I’m really looking forward for overlay and layers too, sampling contents in peak quality is essential also for my projects. I do hope they get supported soon!

I checked the source, from what I can tell it is for overlays, the file is:

I added a comment to Nick Whiting to see if he can add stereo support as well while we’re at it as we can already do that with existing techniques for materials but there is no way here if you pass in a single texture to do stereo layers. To be as general as possible I’d like the ability to do stereo either from the same texture using a rectangular coordinate for each eye OR a separate texture for each eye. Hopefully that support can be added in 4.11 for the final release.

I don’t know if it will add anything if you voice your request on the commit for this change: That’s where I did it.

Did you test this with 4.11? How is this exposed to the user?

I think it’s true, what they intend to do is for displaying stereo images.

Any update about this? Is it possible to use the high quality UI layers provided by the Oculus SDK with timewarp in 4.13?

StereoLayer component is what you want. Here is where conversation started: Re: GearVR or DK2 HQ Rendering Layer in UE4 - Page 3 - Oculus Community - 252283

Here is documentation: Stereo Layer | Unreal Engine Documentation

I could never get it to work though :confused:

Thanks motorsep! just found that thread :wink:
had it (kind of) working just once, and it was showing up only on gear VR and not on PC (is that normal?)
Is there any working example for using this feature?

No working examples and like I said, I couldn’t get it to work. I used a regular texture and it wasn’t showing it neither on PC nor Gear VR.

Oculus said something about using render to texture feature in order to show stuff in StereoLayer, but I didn’t bother checking this out as render to texture would be super slow on Gear VR, afaik.