[GearVR] Multitouch


I’m unable to get multitouch events on the GearVR touchpad. I’m using the mobile C++ FPS template.

Basically I don’t see different finger indices coming through in the BeginTouch and EndTouch events.

void ATelegearCharacter::BeginTouch(const ETouchIndex::Type FingerIndex, const FVector Location)

It’s somewhat difficult to debug. I’ve looked at the Input settings screen and searched the forums.

Any ideas appreciated :slight_smile:

Are you sure that the GearVR even supports Multitouch?! I have not seen any demos or examples of this being possible yet … Pretty sure it only supports 1 touch or ? …

The pad is not multitouch.

Well then… that explains a lot. Thank you.

@sinoth Where did you read that? I can’t find anything that says it is or isn’t multitouch.

I’m not a hardware guy but seems like an oversight to me.

I can’t find an official source but the fact that none of the official Oculus SDK example programs use it makes it clear to me. It also isn’t mentioned in the docs.

From my experience the TouchPad only operates on a single finger tap/swipe basis. There is a free app on the oculus market (sorry cant remember the name off the top of my head) that allows you to look at historical renderings of places like extremely old asian temples in the mountains and it has a primative WASD style movement running off the touch pad that basically shows you it’s maximum input potential.

Honestly it’s more suited for the equivalent of a mouse left click as the swipes can get clunky when you really depend on them. See the Temple Run game as a prime example.

I found the same, swiping feels off.