GearVR Motion Controller not react

Hi, Im followint this tutorial

and I get to load the project in mi S8 but the controller not seem to work although the home button works so I loaded the example and convert it to 4.22, loaded and it worked… what could I be forgetting?

answering my own question:

The solution that I found was to go to the motion controller component, in properties go to Visualization, activate it and set the mesh to custom, then add the mesh of the gearvr controller in my case; also make double check that the cam and the motion controller both are child of the VRCameraRoot component; if you don’t see the mesh for you controller enable the “show Engine content” in the little Eye down in the right. Also set the origin to “Right” or “Left” in the Motion Controller Properties: UE4.22

Thanks! Life saver. It’s weird that the Example Project doesn’t have this, but works fine when Launched, but not when tried to be recreated step by step unless we use your workaround.

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