GearVR materials shown black with Android 6.0

Hello people,

something weird is going on here, I have made some VR apks (Unreal 4.10.4) that works correctly in the S6 Galaxy Edge, today we upgraded the phone to Android 6.0 and now when running APK all materials appear totally black.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

Thank you very much.

Yes, I have read all night in the forums and I have taken clear that Unreal Engine 4.10 has some incompatibility with Android Marshmallow.

Is a problem to us right now because we can deploy perfectly to GearVR with 4.10 but with 4.11 we get always Threat Priority Exception, we need to open soon other post here to solve this.

Thank you.

I think thats not only GearVR.

Just noticed this too and even for apps previously released something changed since the last Android update.

Here the Floor is completly black:

In this app all the cars are black now:

Also test projects from 4.10 have lots of black material.

Tested Android Version: 6.01 G935FXXU1APD1/G935FAUT1APD1/G935FXXU1APD1

Hmm ok. I think that one small Android update this week caused this problem. I am not 100% sure, but I think before this update this problem wasnt there. I dont know if this update was from 6.0 to 6.01 tough.

I see you are having similar problem to mine.

Floors are problematic but not all meshes are showing up black. Some meshes are getting lighting baked properly but others are not.
Shadows from the dominant directional light seem to be the ones getting messed up.
I have been working on a different game with 100% unlit materials and it has no problems at all.

Yes, but the question is why this only happens with the latest smaller update from maybe Android 6.0 to 6.01.

Does upgrading to 4.11 solve the problem?

Is something weird because with 4.11 deployment we have Threat security exception and can’t run the .apk

Totally frustrating.

Having the same issues here, part of the scenario renders black when running in my S6 with Android 6.01.

Any news?

Uncheck “HDR Mobile” that comes by default in UE 4.11.2 and materials are showing fine right now.

This was crazy for me, I have solved it 10 minutes ago, thank you all.

You got it to work with 4.10.4 after all?