[GearVR] How to make Zoom-IN option?

Hello, I was going to make the simple binocular project in GearVR 4.18.2 on Android Samsung S8, the idea is to be able to zoom in and aim to some points smoothly. I have seen it in few games on Oculus-GearVr store where you zoom-in and shot from a vehicle.

What I have tried:

  1. Set FOV to the VR camera - doesn’t work in VR mode because current VR FOV gets override by SDK, so basically it is always 90 or something by the manufacturer.
  2. Created the second camera: SceneCaptureComponent2D and set material on a plane in front of the camera. It still did not work, because RenderTarget texture doesn’t get rendered on Android. I have no idea why it just renders black.
  3. So right now I’m thinking about adding some extra cameras in one VRpawn and switch between cameras where one camera is just closer to the view, I want to move it away on X-axis around 100-200 units and switch between them, it is still going to have 90FOV but at least I am going to stay further.

What do you think is the best way? Really downside of it, number 1) doesn’t work in VR and number 2) doesn’t work on Android, it was reported the bug but never going to be fixed, so I thinking about the 3rh solution.

Nobody knows