GearVR from UE 4.7.6 on Mac works with (project dir)/Build/Android/assets/oculussig_xxx

GearVR (for Note 4) deployment works while developing with UE 4.7.6 on Mac OS X (10.10.3) but ONLY if you place your oculussig_xxx file (replace xxx with your device) into the subdirectory: (your project dir)/Build/Android/assets/. Do this after configuring the project settings for Android and before packaging the project.

If you place the oculussig_xxx file in the location indicated by the current Unreal Engine docs, it will NOT show up in the APK and your project will fail to run on GearVR.

says to put the oculussig_xxx file in Engine/Build/Android/Java/assets/. This does NOT work, NOR does putting the file in Engine/Build/Android/assets/. states the same location, but again this DOES NOT WORK ON MAC OS X