GearVR everything looks wrong scale or HTC Vive looks more real why?

Gear VR does not feel immersive. HTC Vive looks great. The scene looks the wrong scale, field of view not look right, 3d stereo effect seems shallow.

In short HTC Vive you feel like you are there. but the Gear VR looks kind of toyish and not immersive.

Do i need to fiddle with Camera or what? Thanks I think the pawn is the right height. I am using the template to test for now. Mobile app enable, Gear VR enable per walkthrough.

For me, the scale in google cardboard and gearvr always feel way off. In the vive, rift, or daydream headsets everything feels ‘right’

Set world scale to 200 for GearVR.

Should this be done in blueprints? thanks!

Sorry I am a bit of a Newb when it coming to blueprints can you give me a quick how to to on this world scale change? Also why would it be in the wrong scale out of the template? Thanks again!

Is in the WorldSettings on Level, in VR Tab, World Scale VR. Default is 100, set it to 200 or tweak it to feels right.

cool ill try that. seems Gear VR is quite inferior when it comes to immersion versus Occulus or Vive?