gearVR black screen on 4.9 & 4.10, but it works on 4.8


i need to have stereoscopic view on android for VR so i used gear VR plugin

 Configure the Android Manifest for deployment to Gear VR   [✔]

but without samsung gear VR headset and testing with non samsung smartphone

it worked fine on 4.8

but it doesn’t work on 4.9 and 4.10
with last two versions i only get black screen and it’s impossible to
call console with four finger tap on screen.

i have used the same settings from 4.8

does gearVR plugin work only with samsung gearVR headset on 4.9/10 ?

is there any walk around to make it work without the gear?

(i have tried to make 2 players with split screen, but i need something more optimised)



Enable SimpleHMD plugin. You can change it source code (4.10\Engine\Plugins\Experimental\SimpleHMD\Source\SimpleHMD\Private) if your device have another resolution or you want another FOV