Gear VR Trigger tooltip

First post, be gentle.

I’ve been trying to replicate this guys tutorial in a first person template in gear Vr. I’ve built a little cockpit and the idea is to have the user look at a box trigger and then a tool tip would appear over the trigger and a description would read out in the upper left. If the users rolls off the trigger, the text should disappear.

But aside from a few years in art production, and some ancient unreal engine experience, I really have little idea what im doing with these blueprints and I’m hoping I can find assistance here. I really need this to work and then Ill come back here and pay someone to do more of it lol.

If someone could tell me what I’m doing wrong, I’d be most appreciative. I’ll answer any questions as best I can.



Instead of answering questing, you should first of elaborate on what you got und what you want. What tutorial, link? What are these images? Are these from the tutorial or what you build? Why do you use an event dispatcher? What is event “Touch 1”, I thought you wanna do something for GearVR. Do you touch the smartphone with your nose while in the headset?

Might wanna go with a component so you can add it to whatever actor you need to show a tooltip.