Gear VR tour with small animations


I’m not from the programming background but I would like to create a small app that is basically a 360 VR tour on the Gear VR but when you look at specific objects a small animation plays with an infographic next to it. I’ve posted before about a full real time arch viz experience but people have always said that mobile just isnt that great graphically.

Are there templates or an easy way to create a tour using pre rendered panoramas and then some how add the animated elements and infographics within each image? What would the best way to do this be? Would the animations look dodgy because the scene isnt really 3D?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? I feel like I could quite easily create the content for it but not sure how to create the function of the app. This will be using a Gear VR and a samsung s7 edge phone. Or if there is already an app that can be bought with this function where I just add my own content that is also fine.


i’ve loaded in a sphere with a panorama on it and ive also added a video that plays in one section of this… but when i use it on the gear VR the video texture stays black. works fine on the PC but wont work on my gear VR… no idea what is causing this =/ its an mp4 video file.