[Gear VR] Timewarp causing judder


I already made a post over at the forums, about a first person weapon juddering when rendered with the Gear VR. After further investigations, i assume that this is caused by the asynchronous timewarp. So everything rendered closely is lagging behind the head movements. There currently seems no way to disable timewarp completely, or to get an object close to the camera not causing the lag/judder effect.

Is there a fix on the way in 4.10 ?


I’m not sure what you mean by Timewarp.

Can you elaborate on this with any details on how to to reproduce what you’re seeing, include any screenshots, or videos to demonstrate what you’re seeing?

If you’re able to reproduce this in one of the template projects that would be helpful as well since it would narrow down any external factors and gives us a starting point to work from.

Let me know.


You can mark this issue as resolved, somehow my device was set to energy saving mode and that caused the judder effect. It’s still weird, but it’s not an Ue4 issue. Sorry!

Here is an article by oculus about timewarp on the GearVR. The section “Moving and Animated Objects” talks about the effects. https://developer.oculus.com/blog/asynchronous-timewarp-examined/

I also found out that this happens when enabling Mobile HDR. I’am not sure if this qualifies as a bug ?!

It can be easily reproduced by running the first person template on the GearVR with Mobile HDR enabled.